Posted by: melissadstanley | April 30, 2012

Newspaper resists

This is a technique I learned for a monotype printmaking class that I have recently adapted to my functional ceramic ware. The designs are constantly transforming.Image

Posted by: melissadstanley | April 30, 2012


IMG_2555These mugs were made using a slip inlay technique called mishima. I created the design from sketching branch patterns and creating an abstract image. Some of the branches are touching or connecting and some are a distance apart. These are metaphors for human relationships. I made these for ‘Made in Clay’ an annual show at Greenwich house Pottery where I am a member. I wanted the mugs to also connect to each other as a continual drawing.┬áThe technique is done by first drawing and then carving a line using a calligraphy pen(a technique I learned during a Molly Hatch workshop last year). You then paint the whole piece with diluted underglaze, and after it has dried sponge off the piece leaving only the paint in the inlaid design.